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August 22, 2022


The 15 Best Business Management Degree Jobs in 2022

What makes a great career? Work-life balance? The salary? Perhaps it’s both. U.S. workers seem to think so, as a recent survey found that 56% of people who want to change careers do so for work-life balance, with 50% doing so to earn a higher salary. How do you prepare to begin or shift to a fulfilling, flexible career? A degree in business management is a great start.

The best part about the business world is the multitude of options within it. If you have an analytical mind and love working with people then a degree in business management is an ideal route. Whether you’re interested in working with technology, serving internal employees, or connecting with customers, there’s a degree in business management that can get you there. Learn more about the advantages of a degree in business management and which jobs it could prepare you for.

Business Management Degree Options

Before pursuing a degree in business management, first consider your goals. If you plan to work in IT, then a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in IT management may fit best. Alternatively, if HR is your passion, then a bachelor’s degree in human resource management is better. For a more general education in business, a B.S. in Business Administration—Business Management might fit the bill. Decide which area interests you, then find the specific business management degree that helps you get there.

Business Management Degree Requirements

To earn a business management degree, you’ll complete several courses that teach you how to run an organization. Business management degree programs often include training in accounting, finance, economics, human resources, and marketing. They also often have capstone courses that give you charge over a business scenario. You’ll be tasked with using your gained skills and knowledge to navigate difficulties and prove that you’re able to lead and provide solutions to complex problems. 

Opportunities That Come With a Business Management Degree

It’s not easy to earn a degree in business management, but numerous opportunities come to those who put in the work. When you earn a degree in business management, you give yourself a lot of flexibility. For example, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, you may be qualified for several different roles ranging from SEO manager to product marketing manager.

If you’re not sure which business degree is right for you, don’t fret. You’re not alone. While there are many degree programs to choose from, there are resources to help you decide. You can easily compare business management degree options considering aspects like your career goals, the skills you’d like to hone, and the industry you’re passionate about. 

To discover more about what kind of work motivates you most, and to uncover your unique abilities and natural strengths, there are several resources you can use. Begin by talking to a trusted family member or friend about your goals. Then, consider something like the CliftonStrengths Assessment, for which you’ll quickly identify statements that sound most like you and receive a report on your key themes and strengths. If you’re a natural leader, for example, then a degree in management might be best. If you find that you’re highly analytical, then perhaps an IT-focused degree is more suitable. 

Seek an Accredited Institution

If you’ve decided that a business management degree is right for you, begin considering schools and programs. Look for an accredited university with a proven track-record of providing value and return on investment. Accreditation is key as it adds reputability to your degree and gives you the confidence that the curriculum will get you ready for a successful career. Be sure you understand the potential business careers you can prepare for, and plan to earn a degree that best suits your interests.

Browse Career Opportunities Before Deciding on a Degree

If you don’t know which degree to pursue, start by choosing a job that sparks your curiosity. Below is a list of potential business management degree jobs. See the requirements, earning potential, and general duties for each. Once you find a job you like, explore the specific degrees we recommend for it or learn more by viewing the career guide.

Marketing professionals collaborate together over new marketing efforts.

Career Options for a Business Management Graduate:

Project Manager Career: For those who are highly organized and thrive under pressure.

Project managers work with multiple stakeholders within an organization to keep projects on track. They collaborate with people in many departments with varying personalities. Responsible for improving efficiency and ensuring timelines are being met, project managers must be organized and patient. 

  • Average annual salary: $81,000
  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Management, MBA, M.S. in Management and Leadership
  • Learn more: Project Manager Career Guide

Actuary CareerFor those who love data and risk assessment.

An actuary measures and manages an organization’s risk. In addition to performing calculations and data collection, they analyze financials and markets to assess risk. They then communicate with key decision-makers and provide actionable insights for risk management.

  • Average annual salary: $110,000
  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, B.S. in Business Administration– Accounting
  • Learn more: Actuary Career Guide

CEO CareerFor those who want to run the show.

The chief executive officer is the one at the very top of an organization. They oversee all parts of the organization. Other C-level executives work closely with and report to the CEO. To become a CEO, you must have extensive experience and training in many aspects of business and a track record of proven success. Familiarity with accounting, marketing, operations, and sales is key.

  • Average annual salary: $185,000
  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Management and Leadership, MBA
  • Learn more: CEO Career Guide

Business Teacher CareerFor those who love sharing their business knowledge. 

While some love being in the thick of running a business, others enjoy the fulfillment of teaching. Business teachers are needed at all levels, with the demand for post-secondary teachers projected to grow considerably over the next decade. Whether you’re interested in teaching at the high school, junior college, or even university level, a business management degree can help you get there. Prepare with a bachelor’s and master’s degree and consider a doctoral degree if you’d like to teach at the highest level. You’ll also need to gain all the necessary teaching licensure and certification.

  • Average annual salary: $80,790
  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Management and Leadership, MBA
  • Learn more: Business Teacher Career Guide

C-Level Executive CareerFor those with executive presence.

Becoming a senior leader in an organization is a lofty goal. The satisfaction that comes from working with other top executives to manage a company is hard to match. There are a variety of C-level positions with chief executives in areas ranging from marketing to IT. Some C-level roles include CEO, chief information officer (CIO), chief operating officer (COO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief marketing officer (CMO), chief technology officer (CTO), and chief information security officer (CISO). Understandably, salaries for C-suite executives can be quite favorable. If you aspire to become a C-level executive, education and work experience are paramount. 

  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Management and Leadership, MBA
  • Average annual salary: $197,840
  • Learn more: C-Level Executive Career Guide

Sports Management Career: For those who love both sports and business.

College athletic directors, general managers of professional sports teams, and player agents. These are just a few of the careers within sports management. These jobs are very fast–paced, since the world of sports moves quickly. Whether it’s scheduling games, making financial decisions, or negotiating player salaries, there’s always plenty to keep sports managers busy. Business management degrees are great preparation for a career in sports management. The spectrum of salaries within sports management is wide, with lower-level sports management jobs paying around $56,000. Meanwhile, player agents can make a minimum of $400,000, while pro sports GMs make millions.

  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Management and Leadership, MBA
  • Average annual salary: Varies
  • Learn more: Sports Management Career Guide

Business Manager Career: For those who want to manage a business.

Business managers oversee the operations and employees in a business with a focus on efficiency and output. They generally serve in consulting roles. Business managers should hold at least a bachelor’s degree and consider pursuing a master’s degree. Lower-level business managers make around $63,000 while some can make high six-figure salaries.

  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Management and Leadership, MBA
  • Average annual salary: $63,000+
  • Learn more: Business Manager Career Guide

Restaurant Manager CareerFor those who love food and people.

Managing a restaurant is no easy task. But for those who are passionate about bringing people together over delicious food, restaurant management can be a very rewarding career. Restaurant managers must be skilled in operations and customer service and have tremendous people skills. They interact with restaurant staff and customers as they aim to provide memorable dining experiences. 

  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Management and Leadership, MBA
  • Average annual salary: $47,366
  • Learn more: Restaurant Manager Career Guide

Guest Relations Manager: For those who love making people smile.

Guest relations managers work in venues like hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and theme parks. Their primary goal is to ensure guests have a positive experience. They may interact with guests and support staff and step in to manage disputes and keep guests satisfied. These managers can make healthy six-figure salaries. The growth outlook for this career is favorable. 

Sales Manager Career: For those who love people and sales.

If you’re charismatic, extroverted, and passionate, then a career as a sales manager may be a great fit. Sales managers guide sales teams, training and motivating them to increase sales. The best sales managers hone sales processes and lift the teams around them to new heights. They focus on customer satisfaction and aim to serve each individual’s unique needs. Salaries can vary depending on experience level, company, and industry.

  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration—Marketing; B.S. in Business Administration, Business Management
  • Average annual salary: $61,692
  • Learn more: Sales Manager Career Guide

Operations Manager Career: For those who love to get into the nitty-gritty.

Operations managers work behind the scenes to ensure an organization is running efficiently. While these individuals may not receive public recognition, their role is critical. Operations managers may manage processes, personnel, inventory, financials, and reporting. A broad business background and robust skill set are essential for success in this role.  

Hotel Manager CareerFor those who love customer service.

Hotels serve hundreds of guests daily. With a steady flow of changing clientele and various situations that arise, a hotel manager must be skilled at operations management, incident response, and customer service. Average salaries for hotel managers start at the lower end, but many can earn six figures.

  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Management and Leadership, MBA
  • Average annual salary: $56,670+
  • Learn more: Hotel Manager Career Guide

Account Manager CareerFor those who like client communication and fast-paced work.

Most organizations need account managers. An advertising agency may have an account manager who oversees campaigns for multiple clients. Elsewhere, an account manager for a professional sports team might oversee selling tickets to fans. In any case, to be a successful account manager, you must have exceptional customer service skills and deep business knowledge. Many account managers make more than $100,000 per year.

  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, Marketing; B.S. in Business Administration, Business Management
  • Average annual salary: $141,490
  • Learn more: Account Manager Career Guide

Business Analyst Career: For those who like to crunch the numbers.

A business analyst works with an organization to examine processes, services, products, and systems in order to provide solutions for improvement. They not only work with data, but are also skilled communicators. Business analysts are essential to industries ranging from healthcare to IT to hospitality. 

  • Best degrees: B.S. in Business Administration, M.S. in Management and Leadership, MBA, B.S. Business Administration–IT Management
  • Average annual salary: $56,510
  • Learn more: Business Analyst Career Guide

Find Satisfaction in Business Management with WGU

Great flexibility, phenomenal growth potential, and healthy salaries—these are all characteristics of jobs in business management. A degree can help you get there. 

Built by industry experts and backed by proven return on investment, WGU’s bachelor’s degrees in business management will provide you with a firm foundation for career success in whichever path you choose. Enjoy low-cost tuition, a competency-based education model, and personalized support every step of the way. 

If you’re ready to start your path to a career in business management, then prepare to discover the flexibility and power of a WGU education.

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