Less Time,
Less Money

Half the cost
of other online universities

Average time to complete a bachelor's degree is less than 3 years

A Better Learning

Flexible and self-paced

Personalized, one-on-one
faculty support


98% employer satisfaction

Average salary increase of $9,000 within 3 years of graduation

Bold. Different. Because You Deserve It.

In 1997, 19 governors from both parties joined to create an innovative university that would expand access to affordable, high-quality education for busy adults. Like you.

WGU Accreditations & Affiliations

WGU Makes Fast Company’s Ranking of World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

For focusing on "learning, not seat time" and "skills that lead to better jobs." For using innovations to make higher education, not just flexible, but better. These are among the reasons Fast Company ranked WGU alongside such leading businesses such as Amazon, Google, Nike, and rising newcomers like Yelp and Evernote.

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Get to Know Us

  • WGU was Created by
    19 U.S. Governors
  • Serving More than
    55,000 Students
  • With more than 50,000 Graduates
  • In all 50 States
  • Plus Overseas U.S. Military
  • We're an Accredited, Online University

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