Ohio Community College Grads Find Further Success at WGU

Megan Cornell
Graduate, Northwest State Community College
WGU student, M.S. Accounting

“Earning my degree has re-instilled in me a drive to push myself further than before, and the confidence and know-how to continue this path.”

Megan Cornell In 2006, I had a massive stroke that left my future completely in shambles due to the impact that it put on my body both physically and mentally. In 2008, I entered Northwest State Community College, knowing that I was not going to let my life be defined by what others (doctors included) said I could or could not do. In 2010, I graduated from Northwest State with an associate’s degree in accounting.

After graduation, I took a break from school and went out to experience the real world of business. After a few short months, I had found a great job as an accountant, but I was laid off. With my future unknown again, I started my bachelor’s degree at the University of Toledo. I graduated in 16 months with a degree in finance with a minor in accounting.

I began my career as a cost accountant at a manufacturing firm. I have worked as the accountant there for three years.

In April of 2016, I got married. My husband and I had previously discussed my career and decided that shortly after the wedding, I would start the transition into school to receive my master’s degree. A big part of our decision was for my advancement in my career and job security.

When I began my search for a school, there were many things on my list. I wanted a school that was accredited, worked on my schedule, and would allow me to accelerate. Through my search, I found many great schools—but I had heard so many great things about WGU that I began to dig in and decided that I would attend.

WGU fits my schedule because I get to work on it when I can and want to; I’m not hindered with class schedules. I think the unique experience I get from WGU is one in a million, because although this is an online college, I still have the interaction I need from my Student Mentor and Course Mentors that I need to succeed.

For all of those looking for a great school, I would suggest WGU for the affordability, challenges, and skill that you are provided. Earning my degree has re-instilled in me a drive to push myself further than before, and the confidence and know-how to continue this path.

Working as an accountant full time while being a student and a wife is a balancing act. Luckily, I have great friends and family that aid in my success. My husband pushes me daily to succeed and I couldn’t have done this without him.

When I receive my degree, I am hoping to be able to advance within my career. WGU has offered me the knowledge, confidence and skills to succeed.

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