Ohio Community College Grads Find Further Success at WGU

Amber Timmons
Graduate, Sinclair Community College
WGU student, Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation (Social Science)

“I always wanted to be a teacher, and had settled for an aide's position. Earning my degree has given me hope for new challenges and goals to accomplish in the coming years.”

Amber Timmons I attended Sinclair Community College (main campus) in Dayton, Ohio from 2002 to 2004. The thing I really liked about Sinclair is I was able to get 32 classes completed in two years. They have a great transfer program for many other four-year universities; that saved me a lot of money when I did transfer to a four-year university.

I had several other co-workers complete degrees at WGU and I had heard positive things about WGU. It fits my lifestyle because I am a mom. I don't have to attend classes in person, and that leaves me more free time than I normally would have in a traditional setting. WGU allows me the freedom to complete my professional goals while still being a very active and involved mom with my daughter. The community I live in is very active, with lots of great things to do. There are festivals, camps, sports, etc. I do almost all of these with my daughter.

While the work at WGU is challenging, it is competency-based. My first two courses, I knew about 75% of the material and was able to pass those courses with my previous knowledge and refreshing myself with areas I was less familiar with. The course I am in now, I am taking my time and going through the entire course as I am not as confident in this area and I want to make sure I fully learn this material.

I have talked with people that used traditional schools to complete their professional goals and didn't know about WGU until it was too late. They wished they had gone through WGU versus a traditional school, especially if they work full time and/or are parents as well. I've recently attended several online cohorts and I loved them. It gave me the “feel” of a classroom but with more interaction, and I could “attend” from home!

[My WGU degree] is a point of personal pride. My father passed away right before I graduated with my bachelor's degree. He was very proud of me for attending college. Neither of my parents had a college degree.

I am currently a Title I reading aide for first-graders. I want to earn my full teaching license for 7–12 Social Studies. I always wanted to be a teacher, and had settled for an aide's position since I didn't complete my teaching license. Aides don't make very much money, even though we put our hearts and souls into our work.

It will give me a sense of accomplishment and security to be reaching towards my full potential. I have gotten very comfortable in the position I am in, but I need to challenge myself because I know I will be a great teacher. Earning my degree has given me hope for new challenges and goals to accomplish in the coming years.

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