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Healthcare Career Guide

Learn about healthcare career options that could work for you.

In the healthcare industry there are a wide variety of job opportunities to choose from. While many involve direct patient care, there are also many that focus on business and management within the healthcare sphere. Without caretakers and business professionals working together, the healthcare industry wouldn't be able to succeed. No matter what field you choose, you're contributing to better patient outcomes, improved healthcare experiences, and a strong healthcare future. Learn about the diverse career paths you can take in healthcare, and how degrees prepare you to excel in whatever field you choose. 

A nurse talks to a patient lying in bed.

Nursing careers.

Nurses play a critical role on any healthcare team. They help ensure that patients are taken care of, and perform important tasks that increase their wellness. Similarly, nurse educators help train nurses about the best way to care for patients, and nurse managers help make sure the entire system of nurses is working well. There are many specialties and job titles inside any hospital or clinic, and it's valuable to learn about the many options you have. Learn more about salary levels, education requirements, and specialty options inside the nursing profession. Discover the different nursing careers inside healthcare and how you can get started on the path.

Business of healthcare.

While healthcare is an industry focused on serving and helping others, at the end of the day there are still business practices and administrative duties that are needed. There are many career opportunities within the healthcare industry that focus on the business practices, ensuring that everything is coordinated and runs smoothly. Discover different degree programs that prepare you for a healthcare career focused on the business and leadership roles that are critical to success.

A doctor or nurse works at a laptop as she furthers her education with a bachelor of science in nursing.
A group of professionals examine DNA strands on a series of interconnected monitors.

Health information.

Patient records, new technologies, and data all influence how the healthcare industry runs. Health information experts are critical in helping providers make informed decisions about treatments. Health data is influencing new technologies, treatment plans, advancements in the field, and more. Discover different degree options that prepare you for the exciting and always-changing field of health information. 

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