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CAREER GUIDE Bachelor of Science, Cloud and Systems Administration

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Career guide: cloud and systems administration.

If you're an established IT professional focused on the future of your career, it's a good time to have your head in the clouds! Cloud computing is changing the forecast for network and systems administrators with the knowledge and credentials to design and manage virtual computer networks that safely and securely deliver and store massive amounts of data. 

Traditional sysadmins now need a solid understanding of various networking technologies and operations to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Conversely, today's network administrators must be familiar with the types of applications and data that need to be seamlessly delivered and shared throughout an organization. These traditional roles and responsibilities are merging into a growing demand for future-focused IT pros with the hybridized knowledge and skills of a cloud administrator. 

To keep pace with the industry and to enhance your options for advancement, it's important to evolve your IT skills and qualifications, including a solid understanding of cloud deployment and operations. Recruiters are on the lookout for résumés that showcase industry-recognized certifications and a thorough understanding of major operating systems, cloud technology, and security. 

Job listing growth 2016–2026.

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Career opportunities.

IT careers aren't going anywhere but up...and into the clouds. The future of cloud computing is opening up new avenues where focused IT professionals can drive their careers forward. Today's employers are actively seeking and hiring cloud and systems administrators who have a solid understanding of where the industry is today and where it's likely headed in the coming years. Bolstering your résumé with industry-standard cloud certifications such as Amazon AWS SysOps Administration-Associate and CompTIA Cloud Essentials is an excellent way to prepare for your choice of in-demand careers. 

Positions in the field.

  • Computer and information systems manager
  • Computer network architect
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Cloud services administrator
  • Cloud infrastructure system administrator
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Job market forecast.

Not only has the IT industry enjoyed rapid expansion for over the past 20 years; its constant evolution continues to create new roles and responsibilities in computer systems design and related industries. This fertile area of the job market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 6 percent. Cloud computing is fueling much of this projected growth, as more and more companies continue to replace traditional hardwired computer networks with software, storage solutions, and operating systems delivered directly over the internet. 

Job growth 2016–2026.

Work environment.

Much like network and computer sysadmins, cloud and systems administration professionals spend their work days in modern office environments across a broad range of industries. You'll likely work in collaborative teams that may include programmers, project managers, and management as you configure, monitor, and manage your organization's cloud infrastructure and services. For larger and international organizations, travel may factor into your job responsibilities. 

Professional organizations.

There are many organizations that can help you prepare for a future in cloud and systems administration. Check out these links to learn more about growing opportunities and the education and training required to take advantage of them.

Job search resources.

In today's marketplace, there's fierce competition for cloud systems administrators trained to manage and administer information systems, with a focus on cloud and emerging technologies. With the right education, training, and professional certifications, you can take advantage of open positions across the country and around the world. Start making the right connections!

Salary stats.

The sky's the limit for top-tier cloud and systems administrators. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in May 2017, the median annual wage for network and systems administrators was $81,100. However, unprecedented demand for IT professionals with hybrid skills and industry certifications in cloud computing is driving demand (and salaries) into the stratosphere. 

Average salary of jobs with related titles.


The exploding demand for cloud computing professionals continues to outpace the supply of qualified candidates who have the qualifications to store, share, and manage an organization's valuable digital assets. To take advantage of this trend, which is expected to continue well into the future, make sure your understanding of cloud technology, security, networking, scripting, emerging technologies, and server administration is up to date and applicable to the needs of today's IT industry. 

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