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Bachelor of Science Business Management


Today's business environments are dynamic, diverse, and extremely complex; successful careers in business management require the development of skills and careful planning. Maybe you're looking to advance your position at your current employer, or perhaps you're using your current job as a stepping-stone to a bigger role in a different organization. Maybe you're even considering branching out on your own. Whatever your professional goals might be, developing your business management skills is essential to your professional satisfaction and success.

Many business professionals choose to advance their careers in fields they are already familiar with or in areas where they have a personal interest. Others are motivated by the challenge of mastering something completely new and different. Whether your goal is to work your way up the ladder at an international corporation, to start a business, or to take over a family business, you'll need a solid understanding of how to effectively manage every aspect of the company you expect to lead. Your future employer will expect you to have the knowledge and skills necessary to manage effectively in diverse business environments. Acquire and polish those skills, and the sky's the limit for your career in business management.

Job Listing Growth

2014 - 2024

Career Opportunities

What can you do with a business management degree? The possibilities are almost endless, because every industry requires leadership and sound business fundamentals. Whether you're focused on following your entrepreneurial spirit by starting your own business, making a career move into an industry you find interesting, or laying the groundwork for advancement at your current job, the right education and training can take you places, including areas like:

Positions in the Field

  • Administrative Services
  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Computer and Information Systems
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial Production
  • Medical and Health Services
Job Market Forecast

Job Growth


It's no secret the economy has been growing over the past few years, and the job market has responded, in some areas more than others. U.S. News & World Report suggests that a degree in Business Administration/Management could be your ticket to a guaranteed job offer"If you're wrapping up your Bachelor of Science in business or management, or if you're completing an MBA program, you've been exposed to numerous areas of business, including marketing, finance, statistics, and economics. You're an employer's dream come true." 

Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting employment growth will be driven by the formation of new organizations and the expansion of existing ones, which in turn will require more managers and executives.

Work Environment

As you might expect, most careers in business management take place in an office environment. If you work for a large corporation, it's likely you can factor a significant amount of travel into your future. And if you're truly focused on reaching the upper levels of management (and enjoying the rewards that go along with those positions), it won't come as any surprise that your workweek might extend into evenings and weekends. In fact, in 2012, about half of top executives worked more than 40 hours per week.


Careers in business management continue to expand and diversify as global economies develop and intertwine. Here are a few resources that can help you decide whether business management is an area that can provide you with professional satisfaction:


Find out if your business management skills are in line with opportunities in today's job market. These links can help you set your sights on a career in business management:


As in any profession, a business manager's salary is often tied to his or her education level, leadership experience, and the specific industry in which they are employed. Even the locations of firms, organizations, or government agencies doing the hiring can have an effect on your prospective earnings. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does state that top executives are among the highest paid workers in the United States. Furthermore, total compensation for corporate executives often includes stock options and other performance bonuses. As a reference point, consider that the median annual wage for general and operations managers was $97,730 in May 2015.



Business Management professionals plan, direct, and coordinate operational activities of the companies and organizations that employ them. Many top executives who reach the top echelons of management start out with at least a bachelor's degree in an area that focuses on a broad spectrum of skills, including communication, decision-making, leadership, management, problem-solving, and time management.

Your professional growth and development will be largely directed by you, and the surest way to achieve success is to make sure your business management resume is up-to-date with skills that meet the demands and expectations of today's complex organizational environments.

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